Chairman Pete's Session Papers (SOLD OUT)

Chairman Pete's Session Papers (SOLD OUT)


It just so happens that the two most powerful prohibitionists in Washington are both named Sessions.

And one of them is up for re-election on November 6. At the #JeffSesh Rolling Paper Company, we felt it our duty to respond.

With a #PeteSesh.

We made this commemorative Election 2018 Edition for the rally to defeat 11-term congressman Pete Sessions, and to raise awareness of the national stakes in this local Texas race.

  • King Size Slim

  • 32 papers per booklet

  • Ultra thin, slow burning, arabic gum

Super-limited edition! We won’t be getting any more made after the election. Get yours before they’re all rolled up!

sold out
** SOLD OUT **

Ever wonder why federal law is so far behind the states when it comes to legalization? One big reason… Pete Sessions, chair of the U.S. House Rules Committee.

Just this past two-year term as chairman, Pete has blocked dozens of proposals from being voted on by the full House.

That’s why they call Pete a “sphincter.” New amendments to the law are thoughtfully drafted and sponsored by members of both parties… and then they die in committee, at the hands of Chairman Pete. Over and over again.

Pete Sessions is a big reason Federal law has been left in the dust by 30 states and counting, and why congress ignores the will of over 60% of Americans who say yes to reform (by most major recent polls).

We dedicate Chairman Pete’s Last Term Session Papers to the voters of Texas’ 32nd Congressional District, who have the power to end the reign of Chairman Pete on November 6.

We really hope this is the first and last pack of Pete Sessions-themed rolling papers anyone ever has to make!

Each of these limited-run, full-color collectible booklets contains 32 ‘sessions’ per pack.

PHOTOS ARE PROTOTYPES - The real thing will look the same or better! Ships week of October 21.