General Jeff's Red Label - Russia Edition

General Jeff's Red Label - Russia Edition

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General Jeff's Higher Crimes Session Papers, Red Label.

Designed in March 2018, when the heat was on Jeff Sessions for his extremely shady Russia testimony, which forced his recusal from the investigation (and regular public humiliation from his boss that continues to this day).

At the time, Jeff’s dubious ties to this story seemed like the obvious target for the next edition of JeffSesh papers.

A lot of the other detail faded into the background as the news got more and more fucked up every week. Jeff got infamous for a lot of other important things.

But the case remained open and questions unanswered. So we pressed on and got some of these made for you.

Buy a pack and keep it handy for when the beans finish spilling and this story comes together for most of us. You'll be one of the only people on earth with a souvenir. One day you can pass it along to a youngster who doesn’t believe this shit really happened.

Or buy a few packs. Who knows how many sessions it’ll take to get us through the fog of this great American mindfuck that is The Russia Election scandal. Things are gonna get freaky, patriot, but a smile is just a sesh away.

One day, the fog will clear. America will be free again. Prohibition will be over! And we will be vindicated for creating a pack of Jeff-Sessions-Russia-Scandal-themed rolling papers.

You don’t have to smoke to have a #JeffSesh.

Limited-run, full-color collectible pack; 1 ¼ inch size.

Booklet dimensions: 3.15” x 1.1” x 0.2”

Ships in 1 week.

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