There's more than one Sessions coming for your weed.

There are now two hilariously unemployed men named Sessions.

**We smoked Pete SESSIONS Out of Office!
Get one of the remaining few **CHAIRMAN PETE's ‘LAST TERM’ SESSION PAPERS

To rally the canna-friendly vote against Pete Sessions and raise awareness of the rare chance to win, the makers of General Jeff’s Session Papers are out with a new edition of collectible “trolling papers” just in time for the election.

The target is Texas congressman Pete Sessions (no relation to Jeff). As chairman of the House Rules Committee, Pete Sessions has blocked virtually all new cannabis laws from consideration by the full house since 2016. And there’s good reason to think that will continue if Pete wins another term.

Isn’t this why we have two-year terms? Pete’s already served 11 of them. Enough. It’s time to have a #PeteSesh and send Pete Sessions home in a cloud of smoke.

We hope these packs help you urgently spread the word about Chairman Pete before election day, and get out support for Pete’s challenger, Colin Allred.

Read on for more ways to have a #PeteSesh and contribute to this fight!