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Our Story

We started the #JeffSesh campaign in 2018 to take a stand against cannaphobic US Attorney General Jeff Sessions, who infamously said “Good people don’t smoke marijuana.” Many of our loved ones used marijuana, and they were certainly good people. It was unacceptable that a person with this belief was the most powerful law enforcement official in the land.

Our first pack of Trolling Papers, General Jeff’s Session Papers, was a surprise viral hit for our mom & pop operation. People loved getting a little win on the big dog, and we did too. So after donating a portion off the top to the Drug Policy Alliance, we decided to put the rest back in to the creation of more jokeable, tokeable, limited-edition collectibles.

In the run-up to the 2018 election, we took on the coincidentally-named but similarly reefer-mad congressman Pete Sessions with the #PeteSesh campaign. We teamed up with multitalented Ohio-based artist Ben Howes to create Chairman Pete’s Session Papers, and donated hundreds of packs to activists in Texas to get the vote out against Pete.

Well wouldn’t you know it, Pete lost his race! And the next day, Jeff resigned! Double win! So we took a little break and thought about our next target.

We decided on Mike and Karen Pence, America’s favorite puritan power couple, and in 2019, released Mother Pence’s Holy Rollers. Under the brand name Grassroots Papers, we partnered with the Drug Policy Alliance to raise funds from the sales of Holy Rollers.

Around that time, we uncovered a rich tradition of political trolling papers going back to the 20th century. When we discovered several boxes of ‘deadstock’ vintage packs protesting the Vietnam War and Watergate, we scooped some up so we could offer them in our shop alongside our originals. These truly innovative papers were actually printed themselves—not just the packaging. One was a draft card. Another had a cartoon of Spiro Agnew. We knew we had to step up the trolling.

So, ahead of the 2020 election, we created and released Smoke-A-Dope, our first printed, pre-rolled cone, with packaging featuring a handmade logo by artist Phil Guy.

To be continued...