10-Pack Smoke-A-Dope Pre-Rolled Cones — POTUS Edition



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    Update 1/20/21: Now out of production, baby. Limited quantity available.

    2020 Election Edition — A HIGH TIMES October Hot Product — A Trump-era collectors' item you can't get anywhere else

    Introducing Smoke-A-Dope, the new Trolling Papers that let you ridicule and dishonor the awful president by burning an effigy* of him. Because he deserves it.

    This is a bulk listing for 10 boxes of Smoke-A-Dope cones. Each box contains 6 pre-rolled, easy-to-fill, king-size rice paper cones, printed in vegetable ink with the stupid, ugly, self-satisfied orange mug of America's worst president, begging to be lit aflame.

    This 10-pack bundle saves you $2 off each box versus buying them individually, for a total savings of $20. This is the way to go if you want to get a bunch and give them away to friends and fam.

    60 cones total (10 boxes of 6 cones each).

    Let’s smoke this dope out of the White House!

    *Remember, kids: burning an effigy is strictly a symbolic act, and smoke is just a metaphor for vote. The only way to really take down this tyrant is democratically and nonviolently. Proceed.
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    This guy makes The Greatest collectible political humor rolling papers ever! We'll be back!