1970's 'Joint Staff' Antiwar Rolling papers

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    *Less than 100 packs left*

    Authentic printed political rolling papers from the early 1970s. 20th century, man!

    Each leaf features a color cartoon of a hawk-like Vice President Spiro Agnew atop a bleeding globe.

    As VP, Agnew's contempt for peaceful student protestors, and his relentless attacks on the free press made him the perfect target for a pack of trolling papers. With his legacy-defining corruption, Agnew would be in perfect company in today's White House. As one historian has put it, Spiro Agnew was "Trump before Trump."

    Inside the pack, a timeless warning, misattributed* to Abraham Lincoln:

    "To sin by silence when they should protest makes cowards of men."

    We were lucky to discover a small lot of these packs in perfect condition a half-century after they were made, and we had to scoop some up. We're keeping a few of them for our own collections and making the rest available for yours!

    A collectible piece of history from America's last great period of political change.

    *According to the Lincoln Library’s “Lincoln Never Said That List,” this quote actually came from American writer Ella Wheeler Wilcox, in her 1914 poem, “Protest.”