1971 Patriotic Draft Card Papers


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    *Less than 100 packs left*

    These authentic printed political rolling papers from 1971 were designed to let protestors roll up and burn their Vietnam draft cards.

    Patriotic Red label is one of three known releases from the storied Patriotic Rolling Paper brand, started by Paul Ropp in the late '60s. During that era, Mr. Ropp's company, Whitehouse Industries, would create something of an empire out of anti-establishment rolling papers.

    On the inside flap of the pack is the text of a letter like those the US government would send to parents of a fallen soldier. The papers themselves are made to resemble a draft card, except instead of “Selective Service System” they say “Selective Execution System.”

    We were lucky to discover a small lot of unopened packs in near-mint condition a half-century after they were made, and we had to scoop some up. We're keeping a few packs for our own collections and making the rest available for yours!

    A collectible piece of history from America's last great period of political change.