Puffin’ Pencehead Sticker Pack


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    A Trump-era collectors' item you can't get anywhere else. Now out of production. Limited quantity available.

    The Puffin’ Pencehead Sticker Pack contains 3 medium sticky-icky-ickers.

    This is the same caricature that appears on our Mother Pence's Holy Rollers packages, illustrated for Grassroots Papers by Orlando-based artist Schiani Ledo.

    Each sticker measures about 2.9" x 3".

    About the Artist:

    Schiani Ledo (who also goes by simply LEDO) is an illustrator/designer from Orlando, Florida. Schiani’s work is inspired by mid-century spot illustrations and design as well as vintage sci-fi, comics, surrealism, DIY art culture and the textural wonders of degraded print. Often working with a restricted color palette, Schiani seeks to hint at the nostalgia and tactility of found art, while also creating something completely new.