Mother Pence's Holy Rollers



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    A Trump-era collectors' item you can't get anywhere else. Now out of production. Limited quantity available.

    A sturdy collectors' pack of unbleached papers and tips created in doobious honor of Mike & Karen Pence. Now you can have sesh with the Vice President and Second Lady! Choose from two sick limited edition color ways inspired by the very traditional psychedelic drapes in Mother's drawing room.

    Here’s what else:

    -Illustrated by Orlando-based LEDO
    -Each pack contains 32 ultra-thin, unbleached 1 ¼”-size rolling papers and filter tips
    -Comes in two color ways: teal and burnt orange
    -A magnetic closure and sturdy cover keep things together
    -Most likely the only brand of Mike & Karen Pence-themed rolling papers ever
    -From the same heroic stoners behind #JeffSesh papers

    About the Artist:

    Schiani Ledo (who also goes by simply LEDO) is an illustrator/designer from Orlando, Florida. Schiani’s work is inspired by mid-century spot illustrations and design as well as vintage sci-fi, comics, surrealism, DIY art culture and the textural wonders of degraded print. Often working with a restricted color palette, Schiani seeks to hint at the nostalgia and tactility of found art, while also creating something completely new.
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    High quality papers. Great graphics. Shipped quickly and safely. Highly recomended seller.

    High quality papers. Exactly as described. Shipped safely and quickly. Great seller. Highly Recomended.

    Arrived quickly. Great art. Thanks!