General Jeff's Session Papers - #JeffSesh Black Label



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    A Trump-era collectors' item you can't get anywhere else. Now out of production. Limited quantity available.

    The original 2018 “Black Label” edition of General Jeff's Old Rebel Session Papers is our best-selling pack.

    We created these “trolling papers” to protest then-US Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Jeff may be gone now, but you can always have a #JeffSesh.

    As featured in VICE, High Times, Newsweek and more.

    Full-color collectible pack contains 50 leaves, 1 ¼ inch size.

    Pack dimensions: 3.15” x 1.1” x 0.2”
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    At least one word: kewl!

    With what is going on in politics I need something to brighten the day.. At least at night I can light up ole Reb Jeff's Face stuffed with that stuff that according to him will send me to hell, lean back and take a good toke. Ahhhh..... The Giant ORANGE in the White House is out of my mind and Mr, Sessions is going up in smoke. What a wonderful idea.