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#JeffSesh is a grassroots campaign to tell The Attorney General:

We are good people.

We are tens of millions of regular jeffs all over the country, women and men of all colors and beliefs. Responsible, tax-paying adult citizens, voters for both parties, third parties and no parties. Most of us have never been charged with a crime, while some of us have endured the disproportionate effects of your unjust war.

All of us stand together against your attempts to roll back policy. We’re not going back, Jeff. Stand down.

Until then, we’ll be making our next sesh a #JeffSesh with…

General Jeff’s Session Papers

Now you can make your next sesh a #PeteSesh too, with Chairman Pete’s Session Papers!


General Jeff’s Black Label


General Jeff’s White Label


General Jeff’s Red Label


Chairman Pete’s Session Papers

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JeffSesh Sticker Pack


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NOTICE: This PARODY merchandise is an exercise of free speech and is sold by JeffSesh.com for collectible use ONLY. NOT intended for any other use. JeffSesh collectible merchandise has NOT been endorsed by any public official or government body.