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Trump rolling papers let you burn the president in effigy

Limited edition printed papers are $5 at

You’ve seen Donald Trump toilet paper. Now, just in time for the election, a group of pot activists is selling smoking papers printed with Trump’s face that you can burn in effigy.

The 'trolling papers' are part of a get-out-the-vote effort by pranktivist group #JeffSesh, known for its viral campaign mocking Trump's first Attorney General Jeff Sessions in 2018.

“If you’re against prohibition, racism, sexism, fascism, xenophobia, transphobia, cronyism, corruption, kids in cages, mass hysterectomies, dictator worship, obstruction of justice, anti-intellectualism, secret police, and the killing of unarmed civilians, you’ll love Smoke-A-Dope effigy cones,” a #JeffSesh representative said about the new product. “It’s high time to smoke out the White House.”

The king-size pre-rolled rice paper cones include filter tips and come in boxes of six for $5 at

They feature a pattern of less-than-flattering orange Trump faces, printed with vegetable ink.

On the box is a distinctly anti-Trump message with a call-to-action imploring readers to vote on November 3 and visit, where they can register to vote, check their voter status, and request mail-in ballots.

“Smoke-A-Dope Trolling Papers are an act of free expression protected by the 1st Amendment,” the box reads. "Smoke is a metaphor for nonviolent and democratic regime change. A dope is quite literally a stupid person. Let’s smoke this dope out of office already.”

Users can share pictures of their effigies using the hashtag #smokePOTUS.

On its website and Etsy store, #JeffSesh continues to sell three varieties of General Jeff’s Session Papers and two versions of Mother Pence’s Holy Rollers, which trolls the Vice President and Second Lady.

This is the first time #JeffSesh has gone so far as to print a politician's image on the papers themselves, until now using only packaging to advance their message.

"Rolling papers are a vehicle for political dissent and rolling your own is itself an act of resistance,” a group representative recently told Dope Magazine. “#JeffSesh is just part of that tradition."

In a nod to history, #JeffSesh also has a limited quantity of vintage political rolling papers from the 1970s in its store.

#JeffSesh is a small group of friends and activists who believe in spreading joy and empowerment by lampooning those who deserve it.

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